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Posted by sweet_insanity1 on 2006.05.26 at 16:19
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I have soo much stuff going on in my life its overwheling! I keep having anxiety attacks! I think everything would be ok if i could just stay home with my baby, he always makes me happy but im at work and i cant work! Keep thinking bout things going on in my life. My husband, marriage falling apart.

Neways, new thing with my baby. He attacks me! He does this thing where he gets real close to my face with his mouth wide open like hes gana french kiss me, lol, i dont know what he's doing, but he's laughing and it just cracks me up. Maybe he wants to give me a kiss but hasnt quite got the closing the mouth part!!!!

Oh and the zoo free on monday, always free on holidays, so monday is mamorial day and free for everyone! I cant wait to take pictures of jayden with all the animals... this should be sooo cute.

Finally an update!

Posted by deikkena on 2005.12.02 at 09:51
I've been a bit MIA lately due to us moving over Thanksgiving break. So, now we are all moved in and mostly settled. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! How are you ladies doing?

Posted by tara_ashley on 2005.11.30 at 20:25

The picture's behind the cut are a little larger, I am sorry!
tons more!Collapse )

Posted by tara_ashley on 2005.11.21 at 08:13
I have some baby clothes that I am trying to sell if you ladies are interested...

Tons of brand new baby clothes!!Collapse )

Do any of you make your own baby food at home? I just started doing this a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone else was.



Posted by 0hcupcake on 2005.11.10 at 08:40
Hi. My name is Daisy and I live in Spring Branch. I'm 22 and I have three kids. They are 4 yrs. old, 3 yrs. old, and 5 months. I live with my boyfriend and I work as a cashier (it sucks). Well, I just hope to meet some more moms around me.

Posted by deikkena on 2005.11.07 at 13:38
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! What did you girls do? Did you dress up your little ones or go trick or treating anywhere?

My apologies for the lack of updates here. Life has been extremely hectic between my getting into a car wreck a little over a week ago, work, and us trying to buy a house. Hopefully things will settle down by the end of this month.

How are you all doing?

Posted by kiinky_shiit on 2005.10.30 at 18:08

Hello everyone..i am a new mom in Houston. My name is Carlin and my baby girl is 2 months old named Kayla Lee.

I was wondering if anyone is interested in buying my Infamil Lipil with Iron formula. I got it from the WIC program and Kayla is premature so she needs to drink NEOsure...They are more pricey than other formula. So I have 62 cans of infamil just sitting in the closet with no use. I figure I should sell the infamil to make up for the pricey neosure.

Im selling 62 cans for $190.

add 10 dollars for shipping or you can pick it up if your from the houston area.

if you are interested email me at carlinluvzu@yahoo.com

More helpful links!

Posted by deikkena on 2005.10.25 at 09:02
Here are a few more helpful links!

Baby Proofing:

A great detailed list of how to baby proof your home

Attachment Parenting and Co-sleeping:

General information on attachment parenting

Article on Co-sleeping

Baby wearing

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome):

Information on SIDS


Article on age appropriate discipline

More detailed information on age appropriate discipline

Potty Training:

Information regarding potty training and products/solutions

More information on potty training techniques

~Girl Toddler Bed for Sale~

Posted by glitterxxstarz on 2005.10.25 at 00:45
I have a SUPER cute GIRL Toddler Bed for SALE on E-Bay Go Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7721074239&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Mattress included.


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