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Have you experienced a miscarriage?

Posted by starryeyedart on 2007.09.12 at 17:39
I'm a graduate photography student at the University of North Texas and I'm doing a project on women who have experienced miscarriages. I know this is a touchy topic for many women but I was hoping this community would be open for me exploring it via an art project/research project that I'm currently doing in order to document the effects of miscarriages on women and families as well as raise awareness (since most people do not like to talk about them).

If you or someone you know has experienced one and is willing to talk about it, I would really love to talk to you (See project details below!).

-I realize this is a difficult subject and respect if someone has privacy issues about it. I fully respect whatever boundaries someone has with speaking about this.

-Periodically I make trips to Houston, and if possible I would prefer to meet in person, but if the internet is the only comfortable option I would be willing to chat this way too. In addition to speaking about each experience, ideally I would also love to shoot a portrait of each woman or an image of something that represents each woman (if the woman is comfortable with this) as the project is partly photographic in nature. If you do not want your picture shot (for confidentiality or comfort reasons), I would enjoy shooting an alternative image.

-To make the in-person meeting worth your time, I will print you one photo.

-If you do not want to meet in person, I'd love to email you or snail mail you a list of questions to get your impression/emotions/feelings now/family reactions on this experience for you. Having handwritten answers would be lovely for the art project I'm hoping to do, if it's possible. Email is ok if it's all you can do too, but snail mail is preferrable.

-My goals are to create a series of images which may become an artist book to illustrate different experiences related to miscarriage and bring awareness to this difficult tragedy that so many women face but few speak of. Also, this topic very rarely emerges into the art realm so I feel that having images of women that the viewer can identify with will help others notice and understand this topic.

-As mentioned, this will be taking place throughout the course of the Fall semester and my schedule is flexible. If you or someone you know is interested, please email me here or leave a comment:



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